Belle Jackpot Association
  Belle Jackpot Association will hold 8 competitions
 during the summer of 2013. The time schedule for
 events is listed below.  This is the schedule we will
 use for the first jackpot.  The directors will evaluate
 the schedule and determine the order of events and
 times for the remaining jackpots. 


BJA Order of Events
            There will be Goats for 0- 5 outside the arena at  pm.
  West Arena          East Arena

5 - 6:30     Barrel Exhibitions                   
               0-7 Goats                                      
               8-10 Goats                                    
               11-14 Goats                                  
               15-Open Goats                               

              Barrel racing after goats               

              0-7 Barrels                                      
              8-10 Barrels                          
              11-14 Barrels                            
              15-18 Barrels                            
              5 D Barrels                                    
               1/2, 1/2, 1/2 and 1 sec splits

5:30  Pole Exhibitions             
6:00       0-7 Poles
            8-10 Poles
            11-14 Poles
            15-18 Poles
            4D Poles

  Roping events after poles
            Youth Breakaway
            Open Breakaway
            Calf Roping
            Team Roping
         (Youth and Open)